New instructions are valid for the certificate of persons vaccinated abroad

After Health Minister Jeyson Auza noted difficulties in the approval process, he ordered that certificates of persons vaccinated abroad be valid for presentation if required.

The decision can be found in a directive issued this Tuesday, in which an earlier document referring to the approval of the vaccination card was declared null and void.

“Before the authorities so require, establish the validity of the vaccination card or document of people vaccinated abroad through its presentation or exhibition in physical or digital form throughout the national territory,” says the instruction signed by Auza.

The minister stated that the approval process was arranged on the assumption that a minimum number of people would have to do it. However, it was decided not to do this because a large part of the population, particularly in Santa Cruz, requested it.

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“Instructions for use have already been published which determine the validity of these vaccination cards issued abroad and which can be presented at any location,” he said.

Auza said the new instructions were in effect from Tuesday.

“If I get vaccinated abroad, I don’t have to go to the Foreign Office or the headquarters for the time being, because I can travel to all rooms with my original vaccination card,” he emphasized.

He confirmed that this certificate is valid until the state can generate a mechanism by issuing a QR code to guarantee the accuracy of the document.

The directive also orders the establishment of an electronic name register for persons vaccinated abroad, be they nationals or foreigners.

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