New department members are appointed for eight electoral courts

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, inaugurated the new members of the Electoral Department appointed by President Luis Arce this afternoon, replacing the authorities appointed by former President Jeanine Áñez.

By presidential decrees, Arce has the appointment of Carlos Ortiz Quezada (Beni), María Betsabe Merma Mamani (Cochabamba), José Miguel Callejas Garcés (Santa Cruz), Gustavo Antonio Ávila Mercado (Tarija), Gunnar Jorge Vargas Orgaz (Chuquisaca) and Moisé . set Díaz Vedia (Pando), Rudy Nelson Huayllas Huarachi (Oruro), Rodolfo José Vera Moreira (Potosí).

“You have the high function of guarding, maintaining and guaranteeing democracy. By the way, we had a lot of difficulties, but we are very proud to have regained our democracy and our homeland, and that is reflected from Bolivia to other South American countries and why not tell the whole world. Bolivia is the cornerstone in integrating parity into democracy, we have 50-50, ”said Mamani after the inauguration.

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The President of the House of Representatives also said that one of the tasks was “compliance with the constitution”.

“We have to be transparent with the work of each and every one of you, and we have to be able to guarantee and additionally consolidate our democracy. We think you are the ideal people. I would also like to point out that we have to work to win the trust of the people, ”he added.

Mamani said that the right to “choose and be elected” must be respected and guaranteed.


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