New Commander in Chief: The armed forces will work together with justice

Armed Forces Commander in Chief Augusto García Lara said today that the institution will work with the judiciary on members of the armed forces involved in the November 2019 violence.

“The armed forces will cooperate with the judiciary in accordance with our laws, regulations and norms, as these acts violated the Political Constitution of the state, the organic law of the armed forces, by assuming acts of personal intuition,” Lara said while taking possession of the new one High Command of the Wehrmacht, which took place this morning.

He said there was an obligation to contribute to the investigation “after the final report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) on the investigation into violence and human rights abuses in Bolivia between December 1, 2019, to be fully approved by the armed forces Identify who have participated in events that mourn Bolivian families.

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At the time, President Luis Arce urged the new high command to ensure the stability and integrity of the lawfully formed government and urged the military to cooperate in the investigation into the alleged 2019 coup.


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