Natural disasters cause 12 deaths and damage in 26 communities

In Bolivia, at least 12 people have died from floods and landslides in the departments of La Paz, Potosí, Chuquisaca and Cochabamba. There are also 26 affected communities and 1,667 families.

Seven of the country’s nine departments have declared themselves in “Orange Alarm”. The Vice Minister for Civil Protection, Juan Carlos Calvimontes, pointed out that natural disasters hit the department of La Paz in the north and part of Beni the hardest.

“There are eight deceased. All seven are registered in Mapiri (La Paz). Of the seven, five people were recovered (the bodies) and two are missing and one person died in the Chuquisaca department, ”said the authority, according to

On December 20, the rain in the Tocopaya sector at kilometer 95 of the Cochabamba-La Paz motorway soaked a hill that it caused landslides and stones. One of them hit a Trans Copacabana MEN fleet and two passengers died.

A man identified as Ruperto BV died in Potosí who had been reported missing days earlier after being washed away by the San Juan de Oro River. His body was found on the river bank.

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The man tried to cross the bank on Sunday afternoon and would have fallen into the rain-grown current of the river in the hustle and bustle.

In Obrajes, firefighters removed the lifeless body from the river. The unit’s division commander, José Aguilar, reported that the person had not been identified and was believed to have been washed away.

“It was washed away (by the river) but Felcc is investigating that,” he said. Calvimontes confirmed that 26 municipalities in the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Chuquisaca and Potosí are hardest hit by the heavy rains.


Nine people trapped in the Piraí River were rescued yesterday by the Bolivian Air Force (FAB), reported Vice Minister for Civil Protection, Juan Carlos Calvimontes. The flooding of the river from the constant rains surprised those affected.

The government agency said the actions were carried out through two operations carried out by members of the Los Diablos Rojos air group in coordination with personnel from the Bolivian Air Force Rescue and Rescue Group (SAR-FAB). “A total of nine people were saved,” said Calvimontes.

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He explained that the first case involved three workers involved in aggregate extraction who were surprised by the slope of the tributary at kilometer 12 of the twin-track La Guardia.

“These are workers who work day and night shifts. Little did they know that the river would grow as it grew, ”the agency said.

Rain in La Paz is increasing this month

Twelve months ago, in December 2020, rains in the city of La Paz reached a level of 12 milliliters, but this year there are already 43 milliliters of water accumulating per meter. This means that it rained more than three times as much this month as last year. In this context, the mayor of the city where the government is located, Iván Arias, warned of the problems that the rainy season could bring, which was also foreseen.

Arias reported that he visited the most critical points in the city, where the rains often cause problems. However, he stated that it had rained lightly last night and that the water circulated without much difficulty.


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