National Customs seized $ 89.8 million of contraband in 2021

The National Customs (AN) of Bolivia announced this Thursday that this year confiscated the equivalent of $ 89.8 million in contraband ora record number in the past decade, according to this institution.

The figure surpasses the $ 86.9 million registered in 2019 for “what was normal management” while in 2020 there were around 43 millionsaid the President of the National Customs Office, Karina Serrudo, according to a press release from the institution.

According to Serrudo so far in December 20 buses and 2,000 undocumented vehicles were confiscated among other things different goods for one value That’s roughly the equivalent of $ 12.3 million.

“There has not been so many seizures of these products in any management process and this is due to the efforts of this government to stop the contraband which was dissolved in 2020 management,” said the official quoted in the statement.

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You started too 238 Proceedings due to the criminal offenses “favoring smuggling and making import smuggling more difficult”, among other things, as described.

Because of the smuggling 111 proceedings were initiated this year and to date there are 21 detainees, 12 people detained and six with a conviction, he added.

The AN also highlighted that 165 raids were carried out in the cities of Santa Cruz, Sucre and Tarija and La Paz, where large warehouses with illegal goods have been found.

He also raised the coordinated work with other government institutions such as the National Service for Health and Food Safety in Agriculture (Senasag, the National Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Innovation (INIAF), the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) and the National Tax Service ( SIN.).

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With taxes, checking forged invoices and 85 false taxpayers were identified in border areas de Guaqui and Desaguadero on the border with Peru, who can no longer issue invoices, said customs.

The institution announced that these operations would continue at all national borders for the next year to continue the fight against smuggling.


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