National Autonomous Council upholds Law 1407

The XI. National Autonomy Council closed this Tuesday, confirming that Law 1407 of the Economic and Social Development Plan 2021-2025 “does not violate autonomy”.

“The members of the National Council of Autonomies recognize that Law 1407 does not violate the autonomy of the autonomous communities and will work in coordination with the various levels of government to implement the social and economic development plan to restore the economy to viability . ” on the way to industrialization with import substitution and will give priority to the necessary measures for the elaboration of Comprehensive Territorial Development Plans (PTDIs) and Territorial Management Plans of the Community (PGTC) ”, states the last point of the Council resolution.

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The meeting, attended by eight of the nine governors, took place in the Casa Grande del Pueblo in the city of La Paz and issues of development planning, the economy and how to deal with the pandemic were discussed.

Deputy Minister for Autonomies, Álvaro Ruiz, said it was also determined to work on optimizing a timely, massive and free diagnosis of Covid-19, as well as re-evaluating the use of traditional medicine.

“Territorial strategies need to be strengthened to move forward with the national vaccination plan, including awareness-raising campaigns with different population groups,” he said.

The meeting was chaired by the incumbent President David Choquehuanca, as Luis Arce on the XX. ALBA summit is in Cuba.

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