Naabol hires 318 technicians from Aasana, but that's not even 50% of the need

Following the abolition of airport management and aircraft auxiliary services (Aasana), 318 of its technicians yesterday agreed to move to the new Air Navigation and Bolivian Airports (Naabol) unit. However, this figure does not even represent 50 percent of the staff required to ensure flight operations in the country, said the executive secretary of the National Association of Aasana Workers (Fenta Aasana), Einar Roca.

The government also lifted the emergency plan at airports except in Santa Cruz.

The Minister of Public Works, Édgar Montaño, described the transition from the downtrodden Aasana to the new company Naabol as successful and yesterday handed over some contracts to the workers of Cochabamba, Beni and La Paz.

“We have completed a transition cycle from the former Aasana to the new Naabol unit; We see this transition as positive because we have made important agreements in five days and are delivering their contracts today, everyone is the technical staff who will bring the new company to life, ”said Montaño.

The minister added that 120 technicians had been recruited in La Paz, 80 in Cochabamba, 50 in Beni, eight in Potosí, 10 in Tarija and Sucre, eight in Oruro and Pando and only 24 in Santa Cruz. Montaño pointed out that this number will rise, making it clear that many of the technicians in this department have been intimidated by Aasana employees.

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The head of the former liquidator of Aasana, Luis Barroso, pointed out that with this number of officials in Naabol, the airworthiness in the country was guaranteed. “Rest assured, with these 318 contracts the minister has guaranteed the operation of all local and international flights,” he said.

This version was refuted by Roca, who pointed out that flight operations in Aasana are guaranteed with more than 700 officers and that the 318 do not even represent 50 percent of this number, which is why he continues to consider flight operations to be at risk.

Roca called the delivery of contracts a show because only symbolic contracts were delivered and questioned whether 318 already have a contract with Naabol. “There is no division between the workers, what is happening is that the minister is threatening not to hire technicians to mobilize or go on strike,” he denounced.

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Another group of former Aasana workers is on an eight-day hunger strike today to oppose the dissolution of Aasana and are preparing to take legal action because they believe the eradication of the 54-year-old institution is unconstitutional. Naabol is considering hiring only Aasana’s technicians.


The director of the liquidation agency of the former Airports and Auxiliary Services Administration (Aasana), Luis Barroso, reported yesterday that around 40 people have been identified in cases of nepotism in the now-suppressed facility. The legal report is awaited.

“The father, the son, the sister-in-law, the cousins, the wife worked. Impressive. We will wait for the legal report, there is a multidisciplinary team of professionals working with my authority, ”he said on Bolivia TV.

As soon as the final result of the legal opinion is available and negative things are determined, the authority is obliged to pass this on to the appropriate authorities within the Bolivian judicial system.


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