Mutualidad Judicial supported 100% of its members during the pandemic

The Mutual of Justice and Public Ministry supported its members during the pandemic with special benefits and the payment of funeral services, as reported at their meeting in Cochabamba yesterday.

Judge Karen Gallardo noted that reciprocity is important as the Rechtspfleger are not covered by general labor law and they do not receive any compensation in retirement.

The mutual’s executive director, Óscar Viamont, reported that it has more than a thousand members among the judges, members, judges, prosecutors and administrators who contribute their salaries.

He said that the contributors in the pandemic were served with loans and special products. However, the main benefit comes when the person retires or stops working. “We give them their contributions and a separate income,” he said.

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“100 percent benefited either with loans or contracts,” says the meeting report.

Judge Esteban Miranda stated that “reciprocity has helped a lot in the pandemic because it is another type of benefit that must be brought to families. Reciprocity was inherently responsible for all collaboration on health care and corpse care ”.


Judicial staff benefit from the reciprocity of the judiciary and the civil service after their career has ended or when they have left the service.

It is managed on the principle of solidarity, it is not for profit.


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