Mutiny: 19 police officers are charged;  Vice Minister says:

Deputy Minister for Decolonization, Pelagio Condori, reported yesterday that two officers have already been released, 19 with charges and five in custody, as part of the disciplinary proceedings initiated against 26 officers for the 2019 “uprising” at the police institution.

The complaints were filed on January 18, 2021 “against these bad police officers who committed some irregular acts and instigated and directed riots and strikes,” he said.

After several postponed hearings, police began sanctioning bosses over the weekend for alleged involvement in the riots. These are former General Police Commander Yuri Calderón and former Commander of the Cochabamba Police Force Tactics Unit (UTOP) Nelson Flores, both of whom have been released.

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Vice Minister of Home Affairs Nelson Cox announced that the officers will be tried under due criminal proceedings “because the commission of crimes has been identified”.

“We are not against the Bolivian police, this is not persecution or revenge,” said Pelagio. He avoided disclosing the names of the other defendants, arguing not to interfere in the investigation, and did not explain the context of the events despite urging journalists. The tests “can be found on all social networks and media,” he said.

Handcuffs in an emergency

The Association of Relatives and Wives of NCOs, NCOs, NCOs and Police (Anessclapol) in Cochabamba declared a state of emergency with the police in view of the reported victims and announced that they would establish protest measures.

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