Murillo's extradition request in English is ready

Attorney General Juan Lanchipa Ponce reported that he had made official the extradition request of former US Secretary of State Arturo Murillo through the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. A file of 2,000 pages, translated into English, was presented to the investigative court for the fight against corruption in La Paz in the “tear gas” case.

“Today the public prosecutor’s office submitted to the competent authority all the documents that requested the extradition of Mr Murillo. Work with more than 2,000 sheets translated into English. The State Ministry thus complied with the administrative work required by the judicial authority. It is now up to the judicial authorities to handle the extradition via the State Department and transfer it to the USA, ”explained Lanchipa.

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One of the requirements of the extradition request is the translation of the document into English, for which the State Department entrusted the work to a team of six specialist translators.

The criminal case against former government minister Arturo Murillo is for the alleged commission of crimes of influence and abuse. These are related to the case called “tear gas”, which was allegedly acquired with a surcharge from the company Cóndor de Brasil.


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