MPs change the law of carriage and expel the minister of the high command

The Chamber of Deputies sent the Senate the draft law on career and promotion to general in the police force, which amended the article in which the government minister was added to the command. According to the new wording, the police high command will keep the current composition.

The bill caused unrest in the ranks of the police, who criticized a civilian for taking over the police command. The opposition and constitutionalists also noted that the norm legalized political interference in the olive-green institution.

The project submitted by the executive stated in Article 11: “(organizational unit and police command). The Bolivian police force is dependent on the President through the Minister of Government, in accordance with the provisions of Article 252 of the State Police Structure. The police command consists of the following authorities; Minister or government minister, general commander, deputy commander and chief or chief of the general staff, non-commissioned officer of the general staff ”.

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The text sent by the House of Commons states in an official bulletin quoted by El Deber: “The Bolivian police forces are, according to the provisions of Article 252 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Bolivia by the Government Minister, dependent on the President of the State, according to the police command in accordance with the legal provisions of the Plurinational State of Bolivia ”.

In this way the possibility of a civilian takeover of the police command is excluded and the coordinating role of the minister is preserved.


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