MP Cuéllar denounces corruption in two health insurance companies and calls for measures

Movement towards Socialism (MAS) MP, Rolando Cuéllar, denounced today that there are “several cases of corruption” among health insurers, calling on Health Minister Jeyson Auza to join the lawsuit against several officials.

“We are attaching all of the evidence to be taken to the public ministry. We ask the Minister to abide by this criminal complaint if he is not complicit in the corruption with which he deals with the National Health Fund and the Caja de Caminos, ”he said at a press conference in Santa Cruz.

He also called for the “immediate” dismissal of Vice Minister Alvaro Terrazas, whom he described as the “responsible and leading representative of the National Health Fund and the Caja de Caminos”, he is Deputy Minister of Social Security and responsible for this corruption. ”

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Cuéllar pointed to Terrazas, who is the vice minister for health systems management.

The representative of the MAS announced that the complaint would be forwarded to the Director General of the CNS, Silvia Gallegos. He even said, “We’ll see if the leadership of the Central Obrera in Santa Cruz, Mr. (Rolando) Borda, is involved.”

He also announced that he would inform President Luis Arce and Vice President David Choquehuanca of these alleged acts of corruption.

Yesterday, Santa Cruz Regional Road Health Fund (CSC) administrator Hugo Osinaga announced that he would file a criminal complaint against Cuellar and his wife for chaos among workers. He said a group of people, led by lawmakers, threatened “constant seizures of the institution to remove officials and place their people in their hands for public office.”

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