Moscoso: MAS called the UCB meeting and no successor was discussed

Although the hearing of National Unity Advisor Roberto Moscoso in the case of the coup was postponed to August 13 by the prosecutor, the quoted witness told the press that he and Samuel Doria Medina had been summoned to the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) in November 2019 to analyze the situation in the country following the resignation of Evo Morales.

He stated that Manuel Canelas, former deputy Valeria Silva, and former senator Adriana Salvatierra were the people calling the meeting.

“We, Samuel Doria Medina and I, received a first call from Manuel Canelas, who told me that he was interested in us attending a dialogue meeting. Then Valeria Silva, denied by the MAS, called me and asked for Samuel’s phone number so I could speak to him, but the idea was to have an important meeting with the church and other parties to see the solution ” said Moscoso.

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Regarding Adriana Salvatierra, Moscoso said that former Senator Doria Medina had called for participation in the meeting of the Catholic University.

These meetings at the Catholic University are now being questioned by the MAS on the grounds that the politicians, representatives of the Catholic Church and diplomats present assumed powers to determine the presidential succession of Jeanine Áñez.

Moscoso emphasized that the MAS was also present at the meetings on November 11th and 12th. He made it clear that Canelas and Silva did not attend, but Salvatierra along with Teresa Morales and Susana Rivero.

The aim of the meetings is to analyze the problem of violence and to create a climate of peace. He denied that Jeanine Áñez was accepted there.

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The theme was Evo’s farewell to the country

Roberto Moscoso denied that there had been a “coup d’état” in Bolivia, saying that this version is being promoted by the MAS as a “curtain” to cover the polarization of the country and continue to create a climate of confrontation around the Problems that really affect the country.

According to Moscoso, the MAS proposal at the meeting was Evo Morales’ departure from Bolivia, as he had already resigned.

Doria Medina’s advisor claimed that it was now up to Adriana Salvatierra to take over the presidency of the state, but he had already resigned as President of the Senate.


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