More than 20,000 young people are doing military service in Bolivia

The Department of Defense reported that 20,777 young men and women were released simultaneously across the state after completing a year of military service. Now they will be reservists of the first level of management in 2021.

“In various military units in Bolivian territory, 20,777 patriots who have served the country are being released, including 20,589 men and 188 women, young men and young women, who are proud to have adhered to the guidelines return with the Patria (sic), ”reported the ministry on its Twitter account.

During the log file, controls were carried out to ensure that the biosecurity measures are being followed and that the reservists now receive their notebooks, which certify that they have fulfilled their constitutional duty.

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“Today (Friday) is a day engraved on the memory of every First Step 2021 soldier who is about to take a great fundamental step in our lives that will mark the height of conscription. It is more than a year ago that we came in military uniform with the conviction to serve our beloved homeland Bolivia, a time in which we had great experiences, ”said Corporal Alan Salcedo Condori, representative of the troops that completed the training from the First Brigade Aérea in the city of El Alto, quoted by the Ministry.

According to the Department of Defense’s Military Territorial Directorate, 20,589 men and 188 women have graduated, or 20,777 nationwide.

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