More than 200 indigenous people will march against the rule from Trinidad on Tuesday

They will leave Trinidad and travel to regions to spread their protest against enslavement, deforestation and violations of their rights. More than 200 indigenous people of the Amazon, the East and the Chaco in Bolivia have confirmed the start of a march this Tuesday, August 24th from 2:00 p.m.

“We have confirmed the departure of this march for tomorrow (Tuesday) after a liturgical celebration. More indigenous brothers from Pando and Santa Cruz will arrive tonight and tomorrow morning. Those who lag behind will unite along the way, ”said Abdón Justiniano Cujuy, President of the Headquarters of the Indigenous Peoples of Beni (CPIB – Orgánica), in an interview with the ANF agency.

The indigenous representative said that the presence of the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDH), Amparo Carvajal, was expected at the beginning of the march.

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“It depends on the flights and arrival, but we hope this Amparo tries to enforce the rights of indigenous peoples for this beginning of this march,” added Justiniano.

The decision to lead this mobilization was made by consensus after an indigenous council commemorating the historic 1990 march and defending their territories, “which are permanently subjugated in the departments of Beni, Pando, Santa Cruz and Tarija”. Conclusions detail of this encounter.

“We call on all indigenous peoples and communities of the Amazon, the Orient and the Chaco of Bolivia to the GREAT MARCH to defend our territories, identity and culture of the peoples, to invasion and subjugation from which indigenous peoples suffer permanently.” establishes the public resolution.

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Justiniano confirmed that the march will start in the afternoon of August 24th from Trinidad (Beni) and will travel through different regions until it reaches the city of Santa Cruz, there are more than 200 people that we have already organized ”.

In this gathering, the indigenous peoples analyzed the various acts of subjugation they suffered in their territories, deforestation, violation of their rights, fires, droughts and the lack of attention to sustainable development in their regions.

At the beginning of this march, the participation of indigenous sectors from Beni, Pando, Santa Cruz and Tarija was confirmed. “Because we are brothers who have the same problems and we all demand that we be respected and stop these tyrants more,” added the indigenous leader of the CPIB.


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