Morales says he resigned to avoid violence;  Former military chiefs announced that they had planned for 2,000 people to arrive to unlock them

Former President and Political Leader of the Movement for Socialism, Evo Morales, assured this Monday that he has chosen to promote change in democracy and that his resignation is to avoid violence; Former military chiefs said in their statements to prosecutors that the government had planned the arrival of 2,000 people during the 2019 crisis to carry out the unblocks.

The former president resigned on November 10, 2019 amid a deep political crisis and, following the audit report of the Organization of American States (OAS) elections, concluded that it was “malicious manipulation” and “serious” irregularities ”.

Morales, his former co-workers and the government claim that there was no “election fraud” but a “coup”, and in their report blame the OAS for an alleged political action that led to a “coup”. This Monday, the former president said that when he arrived in Mexico this year, he said that “sooner or later it will be known that there has been no fraud”.

She refers to the opposition leader Carlos Mesa and the General Secretary of the OAS, Luis Almagro, as those responsible for “unleashing the coup”. He also claims that the changes he has driven in the country were made in democracy and that he resigned to avoid violence in the country.

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“Mesa has no moral authority to speak of reconciliation and peace. He was Vice President of Goni, burned receipts for reserved expenses, did not testify on behalf of victims of massacres, called for a coup d’état and was ñez’s partner. I decided to make changes in democracy and resigned to avoid violence, ”he wrote on his Twitter.

However, their former military chiefs, who belonged to the high command of the military, stated in their statements to the prosecutor that at the meetings with the then head of state, Vice-President Álvaro García Linera, and other ministers of the arrival of 2,000 people to unlock in La Paz.

Former naval commander Admiral Palmito Jarjury pointed out in his statement in July that the military high command would break up on Friday the 8th. That there is a tendency for groups of people to arrive to intensify the protests against President Morales

In this regard, Morales told General Kalimán not to worry that this situation was already foreseen. “There he asked Minister (Carlos) Romero how it is with the 2,000 comrades we oppose the blockers.” Minister Romero replied that they would arrive at night ”; Although he noted that there were problems with the housing, he explained that Morales said they were staying in the Ingavi Regiment but that General Mendieta pointed out that there were a lot of people and the President suggested that they be in the TAM -Colosseum in El Alto. However, General Terceros replied that this property depended on the Ministry of Sport, so Morales ordered it to be coordinated with Minister Tito Montaño.

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Former Bolivian Air Force (FAB) commander Gonzalo Terceros made a similar statement in July about the plan to have hundreds of MAS fighters arrive in La Paz to fend off the demonstrations.

“I remember President (Williams) Kaliman (then Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces) said not to worry, they had already seen that. There he asks the minister (head of government Carlos) Romero verbatim: “What about the 2,000 comrades we are bringing with us to oppose the street blockers?” , Terceros revealed, reflected Página Siete

Both former military chiefs are in custody for the duration of the investigation into the alleged crimes of conspiracy, sedition and terrorism in the case of the “coup d’état” denounced by former MP Lidia Patty (MAS).


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