Morales is surprised and attacks the OAS

From Lima, Peru, former President Evo Morales referred to the alleged decision of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (I / A Court HR) which found that unlimited re-election is not a human right. The former agency, who said it was surprised by the decision, questioned the Panel and Organization of American States (OAS)

“I was surprised that the Inter-American Court of Justice says that re-election is not a human right,” he said at a press conference.

The ex-president questioned the decision and assured that the San José Pact supports this action. At the same time he criticized the Inter-American Court of Justice and the OAS.

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“Article 23 of the San José Pact affirms that re-election is a right. Now we know who the Inter-American Court is and who the OAS obeys, ”he said.

Morales suggested that the OAS be re-established or closed because, in his opinion, it was not in the service of the population.

“It is important to re-establish the OAS, not to say to close the OAS, an institution that has to serve the humble people. We want an OAS for the people and not for the empire, not an OAS that is undemocratic and only promotes a coup, ”he said in good time to point out that they are imposing sanctions and economic blockades along with imperialism.

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He emphasized that the OAS promoted “hatred, racism and fascism”. “It’s anti-communist, anti-socialist and against progressive countries. That’s why they excluded Cuba from this international organization, they also wanted to exclude me from a summit in America when I was president,” he said.


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