Morales denies that the MAS has a political agreement with Percy Fernández.  signed

Former President Evo Morales on Thursday denied that the Socialism Movement (MAS) and the political organization of Percy Fernández Santa Cruz Para Todos (SPT) had reached an agreement in the eastern capital, according to opposition circles.

The MAS political leader rejected the allegations against him, arguing that it was not the first time the opposition had “resorted to misinformation”.

“Given such an allegation, link it because there is a political agreement with Percy. With the Bolivia-Cambia program, he has called all mayors, whether from the MAS or not,” he said at a press conference.

He said that during his tenure as president, without political agreement, he had to coordinate with various sectors and opposition agencies in order to implement the “Bolivia Changes, Evo Cumple” program.

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“It’s not about associating it with the MAS or not. Definitely get it investigated. Maybe, our Santa Cruz councilors; get it investigated, no one is going to defend, we have never defended corruption” , he said.

In November 2021, Valeria Rodríguez denounced her ex-husband Antonio Parada Vaca, former director of the personnel department of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office during Percy Fernández’s tenure, for invoicing 800 ghost items over several years.

In light of this situation, the Attorney General’s Office set up a special commission to monitor and conduct a survey of the information pertaining to the case.


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