Morales calls on President Arce to improve the cabinet

The leader of the Movement for Socialism, Evo Morales, reported that the federations of the Tropic of Cochabamba had asked President Luis Arce to “improve his cabinet of ministers”, with a technical profile but fundamentally political.

“I would also say, I’m honest, unfortunately a political cabinet has to improve, we need technicians, lawyers, but above all a political cabinet. For a perfect evaluation and political reading for good management, ”said Morales at a press conference.


The ex-authority presented a summary of the assessment of the tropical associations of the previous government; With regard to the field of education, he emphasized the importance of face-to-face teaching for the qualification of education; on the health issue, he said they will join the government’s vaccination campaign.

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On the political front, Morales said it was the President’s constitutional power to “change and appoint” his ministers, but repeated: “Our request is that our President Lucho Arce improve his cabinet.”

He said that while it could be “proposed”, the decision would ultimately be made by the President.

Correct ratings

Evo Morales declared that he was “an enemy of cuoteo”, he urged the sectors “not to press or to cuoteemos”. He also questioned those who spoke of guarantees, pointing out that he never shared this type of practice.

“I have a feeling that Brother Lucho Arce needs to improve his cabinet for a perfect political evaluation,” said the former president, because good decisions depend on correct evaluations.

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