Montaño asserts that the fight between Camacho and Costas is a

Public Works Minister Edgar Montaño, former Santa Cruz Deputy Secretary of State for the MAS, confirmed that the battle between Governor Luis Fernando Camacho and former Governor Rubén Costas over alleged “ghost courtship” allegations is an inter-power battle Lodges “Caballeros del Oriente” and “Toborochi”, to which the administration of the economic and political circles of power in the city of Santa Cruz is ascribed.

“They turned around and Mr Camacho did not hesitate for a minute to stab Mr Costas. There are economic resources for prevention (against Covid) and it turns out that after the revelations of one of the great secretaries of Camacho, we now know that these economic resources had been diverted, “he told the Santa Cruz press.

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He ruled out the MAS from promoting this confrontation because he understands that it is a “fight of the lodges and we will leave it at that. And we ask the judiciary to investigate it. Treason is seen in it.” What? Will have happened? Time will prove us right again, there are fights between power groups that obviously want to seize power here in Santa Cruz with absolute certainty one after the other. “

The Minister of Justice of the Santa Cruz government, Efraín Suárez, condemned on December 20 that more than 700,000 Bolivians were used in the administration of Coasts for information and prevention against Covid-19, but that this campaign was the candidacy of Roly. favored Aguilera, who lost the mayoral election in March this year.

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Camacho formalized the complaint against Costas before the Santa Cruz Prosecutor’s Office and was called to witness but failed to testify on December 23 and his hearing was postponed to January 4. Meanwhile, it is not known whether Rubén Costas’ testimony will stay on December 29th or whether it will be postponed until next year.


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