Moderator condemns ATB's “veto” as “pitita”;  Iturri says that

TV presenter Mariel Rivero condemned this Friday for having been “vetoed” by the ATB network for being the picture of the news on Bolivian television in 2020 during the transitional government of Jeanine Áñez.

“They said that I was the image of the ‘pititas’ because I was part of Bolivia Tv in 2020, said Radio Compañera, who had to leave the ‘Bolivia committed’ project, which was a space for micro and small business owners.

In response, ATB’s owner, Jimmy Iturri, denied speaking to those in charge of the production company, but admitted that Rivero was rated as part of that network some time ago, but concluded that “it was not complete “. mature to work at ATB ”.

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“If you can prove I called the production company, as you say, do it, if not, slander me and I have the right to initiate all legal matters because I have already said it and I only have ” a word. I didn’t speak to the producer and it’ll fall, done, ”said Iturri.

“He says I called the producers and none of this happened. I didn’t look into the subject. I was on a trip, I was preparing the interview with Evo Morales that came out last night. I was on something else did not intervene at all, “he argued in telephone contact with Radio Compañera.


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