Mobilized sectors reject dialogue and demand repeal of Law 1386

The mobilized sectors and unions meeting in Cochabamba decided to repeat their call for Law 1386 to be repealed and refused to negotiate with the government. They announced that the following week the demonstrations would intensify and the markets would close. They asked the population to stock up on this weekend.

After the national expansion, they made three points: demand that the government repeal Law 1386, continue the “mobilized indefinite strike” and demand freedom of those arrested and detained during the mobilizations.

“We decide that the government will annul the law and we have decided to continue the mobilized strike, which will run for an indefinite period,” said the executive secretary of the Bolivian trade unions, Francisco Figueroa, when reading the resolutions.

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The leader also announced that MAS fighters would be relocated from Chapare to the city of Cochabamba to “stand against” the mobilized.

The government offered to discuss the observations on the regulation and to work with a technical commission to later initiate a legislative review.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs invited the trade unions to a meeting in Cochabamba yesterday to discuss Law 1386. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Works socialized the law this Friday with the heavy and composite transportation sector.


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