Ministry of Health warns of the spread of counterfeit medicines

The Ministry of Health has detected the spread of the counterfeit drug Sedancor-Midalozam, 15 mg / 3 ml, which is part of a batch smuggled through Paraguay.

“We are making the population aware that we have identified the distribution of the counterfeit drug Sedancor-Midazolam 15 mg / 3 ml, the batch 204490 of which was smuggled into the country from Paraguay,” said Minister Jeyson Auza on Twitter.

“We urge the population not to use the said drug and to file the appropriate complaint to inform Agemed of the places where the product is distributed and / or marketed,” he added.

She also asked the departments of the health services of the departments (headquarters) to carry out the appropriate controls within the limits of their powers and to pass on the information about the warning in their regions.

“We ask pharmaceutical institutions, distributors, marketers and health professionals (we ask) not to sell the above drugs and to purchase products that meet legal requirements,” he said.

On May 9, the Quimfa SA laboratory in Paraguay warned of the spread of counterfeit midazolam, one of the drugs used in hospitals to treat Covid-19, in the neighboring country.


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