Ministry of Education offices searched in case of exam trafficking

Investigators from the public prosecutor’s office and the Special Crime Fighting Force (Felcc) raided the offices of the Department of Education in La Paz on Friday to seize documents relating to the alleged trafficking in exams to establish educational allegations.

“The tests on various applicants at the national level were leaked in advance. In view of the passivity and neglect of duty by the minister, the legal department and the transparency department of the Ministry of Education, Vice Minister Aurea Balderrama, in order to avoid liability, the complaint is lodged with the Ministry of State, “said Abel Loma, lawyer for the vice-minister of higher education.

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The case came to light after press inquiries into the trade in exams for the benefit of the Communist Party of Bolivia (PCB) militants in senior positions in educational and training institutions were published.

The case concerned Education Minister Adrián Quelca and the former Director of Technical Education, Agustín Tarifa.

It was the same Deputy Minister Balderrama who denounced Minister Quelca, but he responded with another complaint of alleged abuse of influence.


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