Government asks for an investigation into the circumstances of the death of a young man in Potosí and refers to Compipo

The Justice Minister confirmed this Friday that there is no law aimed at controlling the judiciary, as denounced by Senator Rodrigo Paz.

In an unfortunate repetition of lies as part of his political destabilization campaign, the Senator of the Civic Parish Rodrigo Paz Pereira is wrong when he denounces the alleged treatment of a bill which, according to his irresponsible testimony, seeks “absolute control”. justice, “reported the judiciary in a statement.

The ministry noted that “Paz is deliberately ignoring the fact that the aforementioned bill to which it relates is not on the agenda of any of the commissions of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.”

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According to this office, the draft law 212-20, which guarantees “access to a rapid, timely, free and transparent administration of justice with independence and autonomy by amending Law No. 025 of June 24, 2010 of the judicial authority”, was approved in the previous electoral term, on 06/11/2021.

Since he was not “replaced (as stipulated in Article 117 of the Regulations of the Chamber of Deputies)” for his treatment, the above bill will not be discussed in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

“We regret that a state senator is ignoring the internal rules of the legislature of which he is a member and improvising a complaint with a recent legislative bill,” Justice said.

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The independence of judges is one of the priorities of the strategic plan for judicial reform, which consists of six axes. The allegation of bad faith by Senator Paz Pereira undermines the legal reform process called for by the Bolivian people, the ministry led by Iván Lima denounced.


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