Minister: Sepdavi will conduct a victim of violence and death census in 2019

The Plurinational Victims Assistance Service (Sepdavi) is immediately preparing the count of victims of acts of violence and massacres in 2019.

The information was released this Sunday by the Minister for Justice and Institutional Transparency, Iván Lima.

He referred to the final report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI-Bolivia), which concluded that there had been legal violations, massacres with deadly weapons by the security forces and extrajudicial executions. The international team recommended that the state take action to redress the victims, such as a census.

“As for repairing the damage, the other structural problem, the group recommends preparing a victim count. So far we hadn’t put them aside; However, we had given priority to widows, the seriously injured, and this should be extended to other victims. In this case, we are starting with a census, a census that Sepdavi, the Plurinational Victims’ Assistance Service, is going to be overseeing, which is currently preparing all of these items for us to start this week, “said the minister.

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In its report, the GIEI-Bolivia points out that the state must develop and implement an agile, transparent and pluralistic administrative system for comprehensive care and reparation for the victims, which includes a procedure for carrying out a victim count based on the principle of universality.

Sepdavi is a decentralized public body under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice and Institutional Transparency, responsible for providing legal assistance in the criminal, psychological and social fields to people with limited economic resources.

“The formation of a multidisciplinary group between government, civil society and the victims themselves is recommended in order to follow this process at the highest level, an aspect that we will also take into account when implementing the recommendations,” said Lima.

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