Minister confirms Viru Viru's air traffic controller complaint is

Public Works Minister Édgar Montaño said Friday that there was a “conspiracy” led by Fabiola Pereira, the air traffic controller at Viru Viru Airport in Santa Cruz, who said he had worked more than 17 hours. under pressure to go to jail and be unemployed.

At a press conference, the agency said it made 11,786 Bs per month in 2020, between salaries and overtime. A total of 134,874 Bs per year “and he had no tachycardia for a year,” he says ironically.

“It is made to the victim (…) this woman is part of the conspiracy they wanted to make us so that the airports in Bolivia do not operate. The allegations of Ms. (Fabiola) Pereira are false,” pointed out the Minister for Public Work.

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Montaño also stated that there was no danger to air traffic and that the statements made by the operators of the air traffic controllers in Santa Cruz were “lies”.

“I would like to confirm that we work from Naabol, they are from exAasana, no new staff have been hired, they do not exist. They play with thinking, just like the lady (Pereira),” argued the minister.

For his part, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Directorate (DGAC), General Celier Arispe, stated that the air traffic controller worked 12 hours and that it was included in the contingency plan. “The relevant memorandum was issued to him,” emphasized the soldier.

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“There was a moment when I broke down, not because of work, but because I was very tired, I couldn’t take it anymore, I started to fail my instructions, to tell myself I had to get off a plane I already said that I was wrong, I got really sick because we have such a responsible job, there is life in our hands, as children, and that you fail, besides, you have that? Lives in your hands, them are not a burden, there are families, “I told the media yesterday.


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