Minister announces international investigation into ghost objects

Justice Minister Iván Lima announced this Sunday that an international investigation would be carried out to find the resources stolen from the office of the mayor of Santa Cruz in the so-called Ghost Items case, which is being investigated into the alleged economic damage of Bs 48 Millions, as reported by BTV.

“We have the mechanism to ask the countries where these assets might be located about corruption, embargo, seizure and return to the hardest-hit people of Santa Cruz,” he said.

According to the complainant and ex-partner of the prime suspect, Valeria Rodríguez, former Santa Cruz Mayor’s Personnel Director Antonio Parada Vaca used the funds of the items to buy real estate and vehicles in the States.

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He said the reasons why the case was initially closed in the Ministry of Public Affairs are also being investigated. “We’re going to find out who ordered the closure. Rest assured that we will not stop so that there will be a transparent judiciary, cases will not be closed when there are elements of conviction, “he said.

The case stems from Valeria Rodríguez’s complaint of domestic violence against Antonio Parada, former HR manager for former Mayor Fernández, who later joined Mayor Johnny Fernández.

Although the case has been investigated for 800 phantom items, it is estimated that the amount is over 2,000 and the economic damage exceeds 48 million Bs.

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