Mexican pilot confirms that the ship that shot down Evo was in Chimoré.  was attacked with a missile

Almost two years after Evo Morales resigned on election fraud allegations, a Mexican Air Force (FAM) pilot announced that a rocket-like projectile could be fired at the plane in which the former Bolivian president was transported in November 2019.

The plane was reportedly attacked shortly after he left Cochabamba for Aztec land, which granted him political asylum after his resignation.

“During the initial climb, the pilot managed to observe from the left side of the cockpit and when he reached nearly 1,500 feet above the ground, a slight trace similar to the characteristics of a rocket at the seven o’clock position (back to left the flight path of the aircraft) below the horizon (…) The pilot estimates that the launch point of a projectile could be near the airport of Cochabamba, “refers to the report published by the NTR Zacatecas media.

The Mexican plane took off on November 11th from Chimoré Airport in the tropic of Cochabamba.

The document of the Secretariat for National Defense, published in the last book of the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, describes that an element of the Bolivian armed forces attacked the plane, which was so permanent, by plane since it was in the airport an RPG rocket launcher.

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According to the description of the pilot, the light trail could have started from this position.

“He made a tight turn towards the opposite side of the projectile’s trajectory (right side) and increased the rate of climb to avoid impact, and observed that the track well below the plane parabola to the ground without reaching altitude to have the time at that point that they already had, about 3,000 feet above the ground (…).

The report acknowledges that the incident was not communicated to the occupation in order not to increase tensions in the diplomatic mission, which was trying to “rescue” the former president and grant him asylum in Mexico.

Other details

The report notes that when the FAM plane arrived at the airport in Bolivia, “the presence of armed elements on the ground was evident”.

Evo Morales and his two companions managed to board the plane.

Although everything was ready to take off, according to the story, the permit was denied at the last minute, so that the plane had to return to its starting position.

FAM elements found that the military presence had increased.

“Notice of increased activity by armed personnel and armed vehicles on both sides of the runway and near the taxi,” the text reads.

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According to the story, pilot Miguel Eduardo Hernández Velázquez got off the plane to try to communicate with Defense Minister Luis Crescencio Sandoval and report the situation.

After this was unsuccessful, there was an initial threat from Bolivians to get Evo Morales off the plane, the story goes.

The armed elements beat the Mexican pilot to get him to agree to their demands.

The document states that the tension ended after the pilot walked over to the item pointing at him and said, “Young soldier, the brave do not murder.”

However, the threats were repeated about 10 minutes later when another group of uniformed soldiers and armed civilians tried to board the plane.

According to the report, the pilot prevented this by standing in front of the ladder where further discussion took place.

After the verbal exchange – in which the Mexican pilot repeatedly demanded that the rocket launcher should no longer be aimed at the aircraft – a Bolivian general gave the go-ahead, but with one condition: you only had 30 minutes to leave the room. according to Mexican media.


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