Mesa describes the attorney-sponsored 2019 vote count as a

The chairman of the Civic Community (CC) and former president, Carlos Mesa, yesterday described the counting of the canceled 2019 elections, promoted by Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez, as a “caricature”.

In an interview with CNN’s conclusions, Mesa said he would not attend the invitation that would have been sent to him to count the votes in the 2019 election, which the attorney general began on Monday in the city of El Alto.

“Why is the attorney general, the attorney general, doing a recount with college students, does that sound like a cartoon? No, it’s a cartoon,” Mesa said. “What I’m saying is that it looks like a cartoon, no, it’s a cartoon, I insist,” Mesa said.

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On Monday, prosecutors activated the recount of at least 35 thousand records of the canceled 2019 elections to show it was not a “fraud” but a “coup” and the Organization of American States (OAS ) to refute.

Chavez claimed it was “an act of justice and truth” because democracy was “hidden” in 2019 and the subject of a “coup”.

Regarding the criticism of the opposition against the prosecutor for his acting outside the norm, Chavez pointed out that he was acting within the framework of the political constitution of the state and sent those criticizing him to read the Magna Carta.

Mesa reiterated that the Attorney General’s Office has no authority to investigate the electoral area because that task must be carried out by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). He also thought it was crazy that such statements should be made after an audit by the OAS.

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The review will be done “minute by minute” for a week based on the publicly accessible TSE database of senior students from the El Alto Public University (UPEA) who will review the data and a lawyer-designed registry in the General Office, Chavez said .

The attorney is conducting the lawsuit outside of the Supreme Electoral Court, which found that this electoral process has already been completed and that the law enforced the stoppage principle.


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