Mesa describes Comcipo's intervention as

The President of the Citizens’ Community (CC) Carlos Mesa condemned the “kidnapping” of the former citizen leader Marco Pumari this Friday and described this as a “dictatorial stance” of the government of Luis Arce.

Pumari was arrested in a surprise operation last night and transferred to Betanzos, where he awaits his hearing on precautionary measures accused of the burning of the Electoral Tribune (TED) of the Department (TED) of Potosí during the post-2019 election crisis.

“Luis Arce’s government clearly shows violence, dictatorial attitudes, autocracy, persecution and arbitrariness. It was the turn of the City of Potosí to the Citizens’ Committee and in particular to Marco Pumari. The police acted as if it were an armed dictatorial group accompanied by plainclothes policemen, vigilante groups, to carry out an action that breaks all norms of the rule of law, one person is forcibly kidnapped, “said the President of the Comunidad Ciudadana, Carlos Mesa .

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The politician said the case merited the dismissal of government minister Eduardo del Castillo and police commander Jhonny Aguilera for these abuses.

“CC condemns these acts of a dictatorial dye,” said Mesa, claiming, “How is it possible that someone could be arrested and not even know where they are?”

“CC calls for the unity of the opposition, civil parties and groups, trade union sectors, Conade and the bloc of democratic unity,” he said.


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