Mesa denounced

The former president and national chairman of the Civic Community (CC), Carlos Mesa, condemned on Tuesday that the prosecutor’s office was “harassing” and “threatening” him with the “lie of the coup”.

“The direct threat against me by Edwin Quispe on behalf of the public prosecutor shows the decision of the MAS to continue the political persecution with the lie of the coup. They are changing their story of lies against intimidation and harassment by prosecutors. #NoTenemosMiedo “(sic), he wrote on his Twitter account.

Mesa accompanied its release with a video of the testimony of the General Secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office, Edwin Quispe, who said that the head of the Central Committee “does not cooperate with the judiciary” and warned that he should be recalled.

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“Carlos Mesa has shown that he will not cooperate with the judiciary. That it remains in his conscience and irresponsibility as a citizen not to have contributed to the investigation. The Commission will decide on the basis of the elements before us and both of them . ” Statements this week and next, the state in which he will appear in court, “said Quispe.

Mesa was called as a witness by the State Department on June 17, but he exercised his right to remain silent.


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