Mesa: Community came about in response to criticism that the opposition was not responding to the country's challenges

The former president of Bolivia and leader of the Citizen Community (CC) alliance, Carlos Mesa, opened the first constituent congress this Monday with the aim of turning the “community” into a political party. He said this project was a response to critical views that the opposition did not respond to the country’s political challenges.

He recalled that in the 2019 parliamentary elections almost 40% of Bolivians trusted the CC and that under normal conditions they would have reached a second round of elections with the Movement to Socialism (MAS) party and would probably have triumphed, but that these elections after the political and social crisis were canceled due to complaints of “electoral fraud”.

“This is something to remember (the 40% support), especially for our affirmation and especially in response to those who view us critically and say that the opposition does not have clear and positive responses to the challenges we are facing had given, “said Mesa.

The opposition leader reported on his constituent congress, in which the political party “Community as an alternative to building a country with justice, equality, democracy and freedom” was born. Although they are still defining their policies and working to get their legal status.

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“A community that exists, but it has no identity card, it has the imperative to do so. It is not an imperative that I raised voluntarily, it is an imperative that you demanded almost unanimously from very early on, from the beginning a little later that we presented the candidacy in 2018 and 2019, “said Mesa.

He stated that this day is the end of one road and the beginning of another that has the end of the formation of a national leadership for the building of a political party. According to the opposition leader, there were several voices arguing that the community cannot exist without becoming a publicly recognized and registered political front.

He stated that the aim of the Constituent Congress is to approve documents such as the principles and statutes that have already been submitted to militants and leaders for consideration.

“The organizing team led by Vania Sandoval and Andrés Zaratti was responsible for collecting the observations, integrating them and producing a final document that we take into account today,” he said.

Mesa also stated that the Inaugural Congress will delineate the critical path to obtaining the militant registration books, which is an essential requirement for the filing to be handed over to the Supreme Electoral Court.

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Roughly speaking, it is possible to speak of at least 106,000 community members across the country, although there could be cleanups and duplication problems or other obstacles during registration.

Finally, the other aim of your Congress is to elect an electoral tribunal to organize and conduct the democratic elections for the Community’s national executive coordinator, who will democratically and by direct election designate the nine departmental coordinators and the two regional coordinators. I make it clear that until legal status is achieved, all positions will be of a temporary nature.

He stressed that the community organization had its origins in the presentation of its candidacy for the primary association and in the 2019 and 2020 parliamentary elections.

According to Mesa’s criteria, the Citizen Community Alliance was currently the second political front to receive the most support in the elections in 2019 and 2020 after the restoration of democracy in the country.


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