Mesa calls for an end to the

Former President and National Leader of the Civic Community (CC), Carlos Mesa, this Thursday called on the government to end the inadmissible violation of the rights of former President Jeanine Yáñez, who is imprisoned for the alleged “coup”.

In an article titled “My Word on the Situation of Former President Jeanine Áñez,” published on his official website, Mesa stated that the former president was illegally imprisoned for a non-existent “coup” and invented to evolve the gigantic scam of Evo. to gloss over morals.

“Not only was she the victim of a violent raid on her home and was detained unheard, but she is treated ruthlessly. All of his legal requests are denied and, as if that wasn’t enough, the references the prosecution makes to him are those given to someone who has been convicted with an enforceable sentence, “said the national head of the CC.

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She claimed that inalienable and inalienable rights to guarantee her dignity, to protect her health, not to be tortured or inhumanly treated, to suspect her innocence and to respect her condition as a woman, ex-president and former representative of her department violated and it receives no protection from those who have a mandate and an obligation to ensure compliance.

“Today, many of those prefer to” appeal “to those who applauded and praised her without limits when she was president, or worse, the well-known file of ‘When I’ve seen you, I don’t remember’,” said.

He said, “I have criticized and criticized his government management and the gross mistakes he has made. I am convinced that human rights violations and corruption cases in the management and in the management of any person who held the presidency before or after should be investigated and brought to justice with the same care and ensuring a fair and appropriate judicial system as political power ”.

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“As a citizen, former President of Bolivia and President of the Civic Community, I raise my voice to demand that this inadmissible violation of the rights of the citizen and former President Jeanine Áñez be stopped,” he said.


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