Mesa and HRW show solidarity with human rights activists

Human Rights Watch (HRW) Director José Miguel Vivanco and Civic Community Leader Carlos Mesa expressed their support for the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) following the activist’s threats of being with the movement Socialism affiliated group that they would burn his house down.

HRW expressed concern about the threats against Carvajal and sections of the opposition and called on the government to ensure the safety of these people.

“Bolivia: The threats published on social media to set fire to the house of Amparo Carvajal, the @APDHLP_LaPaz, and to burn opposition politicians are very worrying. The government of @LuchoXBolivia must guarantee the safety of these people and their homes, ”Vivanco wrote in a post on Twitter.

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In the last few days it has been spread on social networks that the group called Wila Lluch’us threatened to burn down the headquarters of Apdhb and the house of Carvajal, who established a position in defense of former President Jeanine Áñez imprisoned in Miraflores prison.

In other audiovisual films, the group spoke of “captured” and “burned” opposition leaders in order to avenge historical indigenous leader Túpac Katari and to defend the plurinational state “at all costs”.

Political goal

Mesa expressed his solidarity with Carvajal and mentioned that the activist was a political target of the MAS after these threats.

“My solidarity with Amparo Carvajal, a woman whose courage and consistency in defending human rights is admirable. The threats to his life, the attempts to ignore his leadership, and the harassment of the government department are not coincidences or coincidences. It’s a political goal of the MAS, ”Mesa wrote on his Facebook account.

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The statements of both test persons were viralized through a video in social networks. “Once again the Wila Lluch’us Warrior Army is protesting that these bad judges, bad cops, were protecting Carvajal’s house. We must burn this house, built with the city’s economy, comrades. That is why we organize and we will go at any time, ”said one of them.

Conade claims the government

Conade spokesman Manuel Morales denounced that “Wila Lluch’u’s army is a paramilitary group of the recently created General Staff of the People and questioned the government’s inaction.


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