After hearing the decision of the Inter-American Court of Justice, Mesa files a lawsuit against Evo and those who

Civic Community (CC) chairman Carlos Mesa said Tuesday that this is in line with the report by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), which investigated human rights abuses in 2019, despite suggesting that judicial authorities and prosecutors should assess cases .

“We agree and support the GIEI report: Reforming the judiciary and tax system and changing its operators are prerequisites for ensuring justice and due process in cases that need to be brought to justice,” Mesa published in social networks.

He added that “the judges and prosecutors reporting to the MAS are now neither trustworthy nor impartial”.

The GIEI report viewed the Senkata and Sacaba events as a “massacre”. It also found that police and armed forces use excessive and disproportionate violence, but also that individuals promoted and perpetrated acts of violence and attacks on public property.

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The group also noted “serious shortcomings in the Bolivian state in ensuring and respecting the independence and autonomy of the judiciary and the public ministry”.

In its recommendations, the report states that it should carefully investigate and prosecute and punish those responsible for the documented facts, with full respect for due process and the rights of victims and the accused and defendants.


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