Mesa Accuses Morales of

In a new exchange of allegations on social networks between the ex-presidents, Carlos Mesa accused Evo Morales of “treason” in the Quiborax case and that he “will one day pay”.

The controversy arose after a legislative commission approved a report on Mesa’s responsibilities accusing it of uneconomical behavior. The case dates back to 2004 when the current leader of the Comunidad Ciudadana was president and canceled a concession to the Quiborax company to exploit the Salar de Uyuni, resulting in arbitration and a Morales-approved payment of $ 42 million.

Mesa socialized accused Morales of arranging a “Quiborax deal” and that “his government’s ineptitude and / or corruption cost the country $ 42 million”.

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“So he ordered his parliamentarians to try me to hide this betrayal of the nation that will one day pay,” added Mesa.

The CC leader claimed that he had canceled the Quiborax concession because it had been illegally delivered. He also denounced arbitration irregularities and accused Evo Morales officials of failing to defend the state effectively and causing economic damage. He even mentioned Luis Arce because, as minister, he had agreed to the corresponding payout.

Mesa spoke after Morales, also on social media, accused him of fabricating a lie to achieve impunity.

“By accusing the former authorities and brother #LuchoArce, he (Mesa) is admitting the existence of the economic damage he caused in his government with the Quiborax case,” Morales posted on social media.

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Due to the amnesty that Morales issued in favor of Mesa in the Quiborax case, there has also been controversy on this topic. The ruling party claims that the trial of the CC leader continues because he refused the amnesty, but Mesa claimed that the refusal was testimony and that the decree had legal effect.


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