Members of the MAS use violence to warn against the announcement of the strike

In the face of preparations for the March for Democracy and a national strike sponsored by Conade and Citizens’ Committees on the 10th, the administration of Luis Arce is destabilizing. In addition, there are warnings from social areas that are related to the MAS to confront “until the blood runs”.

“This is a citizens ‘movement that will work to defend citizens’ interests. We are in a phase of voting and awareness that people have to define themselves, will they stay at home and then put up with everything when the law is passed? “Asked the representative of the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade), Manuel Morales.

The Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (Csutcb) and the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) point out that the citizens and others want to declare civil war and that they will confront the work organization with their weapons or in the event of destabilization. that it will meet in the Pact of Unity and Social Organizations to defend government and democracy.

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“If you want to declare civil war, let them declare it, let it be said once and for all. We will defend, we will confront him (…) The Csutcb will be there until the last, he will shed blood, ”said his manager Eber Rojas.

Juan Carlos Huarachi (COB), in turn, said this sector was not interested in the land or the people who have to recover from the 2019 crisis and pandemic.

He assured that, in coordination with the single pact and social organizations, he would proclaim a concentration in the nine departments for the defense of democracy and the constitutionally elected government.

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You’re blaming the MAS

Former Senator of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) Lino Villca pointed out that the government and his party misunderstood what was going on, suggesting that the right wing is mobilizing and trying to destabilize; if it is they who promote with their laws, restrictions, among other things.

He added that the leaders of the COB and the Csutcb obey a political party and are its spokesmen. “

Impunity and Loss

Justice Minister Iván Lima said this movement is aiming for impunity, “they are not concerned about the 38 deaths and corruption” in Jeanine Áñez’s government.

Public Works Minister Edgar Montaño said the move will cause a multimillion-dollar loss to the state-owned companies.


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