Members of the congregation return from the break and are given the task of examining phantom objects

On January 10, the members of the National Assembly will return to their sources of work at the end of the year after the parliamentary break established by the Political Constitution of the State and the General Debate Regulations of the Chamber of Deputies. It is estimated that their first task will be to set up a joint commission to investigate the phantom items. The President of this legislative body, MP Freddy Mamani (MAS), reported in a press conference that the respective commissions and committees will have to resume their functions from next week to deal with urgent questions that the country needs with a view to economic reactivation Justice.

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“The judiciary is ready to contribute to judicial reform, and we will encourage this from the legislature, in addition to the executive who has already presented its pillars so that they can work on this issue. We will do the legislative work from next week, ”he said.

On the flip side, Mamani announced, without specifying the issues to be dealt with after the return of the parliamentary recess, that a mixed commission would be set up to investigate complaints about “ghost articles” but that approximation would be required with the opposition, civic community and we believe that they integrate this authority.

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“As a bank, we just need the opposition to participate on the basis of rapprochement. Hopefully we can get this commission together, “he said.


Mamani pointed out that 2 percent of MPs would not receive any of the doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and could hold virtual sessions.


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