Alanez opens a third cocoa store in Urujara

Deputy Alejandro Reyes (CC) and Senator Félix Ajpi (MAS) asked the Financial Investigations Unit (UIF) to investigate where MAS-affiliated leader Arnold Alanez was getting money to buy the land for the supposedly new cocoa market. a property that cost $ 800,000.

On Tuesday, as part of a dispute with the organic executives of the departmental association of coca producers (Adepcoca), Alanez inaugurated the new coca market in the Urujara area of ​​the city of La Paz, in order to control the coca market, whose headquarters are currently in the area of ​​Villa Fátima is.

Alanez reported that these lots are about 4,000 square feet and that their cost was about $ 800,000, the same ones that would have been purchased by Asian citizens. He said it was the local Yungas coca farmers who contributed money to advance the purchase of this property.

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In this regard, Deputy Reyes of the opposition Citizen Community (CC) Alliance argued that Alanez would have to explain where the funds to buy this property were coming from, as he would illegally open a parallel cocoa market.

He pointed out that the FIU should investigate this acquisition because it was talking about $ 800,000, a large number that a Yungas coca farming sector would handle. “There has to be a justification, I don’t think Mr Alanez provides receipts, tickets or bills, then he has to explain to the people why and where these funds come from.”

He warned that if the FIU does not investigate this case, it will be a sign of “the partiality with which this entity will act in the future” if the Bill against the Legitimacy of Illegal Profits is approved, which even grants “superpowers.” “.

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For his part, the government party senator Félix Ajpi also demanded that the FIU initiate an investigation against Alanez “ex officio”, not at the request of an opposing legislature.

“A new organization that gets $ 800,000 overnight can make you think about a lot of things, right? I think that’s the role of the FIU, not always at the request of the opposition, it’s not what the bill says . ” but the FIU has to act ex officio, where these funds for the acquisition of this property come from, ”explained the legislator.


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