Regarding the Organization of American States (OAS) scrutiny of the 2019 elections, Secretary of State Rogelio Mayta said Thursday that there is no “binding” determination of criminal liability as this issue is administered by the Bolivian judiciary.

“In terms of criminal liability, there is no binding character, as criminal liability in our country is administered according to the political constitution and laws by judges charged with the Ministry of Public Affairs,” Mayta said, according to a report by journalist Iván. Ramos from the Erbol network.

“No agency report can replace our judicial administration institutions,” he added.

The OAS audit report found that there was “malicious tampering” in the 2019 elections after performing various types of analysis, including the computer and calligraphic parts.

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The Agency recently confirmed this conclusion after the public prosecutor decided to close the investigation into electoral fraud on the basis of an expert opinion prepared in Spain, which ruled out tampering with computer data.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the OAS report had initiated the criminal proceedings and that in this context the accused had the right to a defense and the public prosecutor had the duty to examine whether the crimes were committed in other ways, such as the expertise entrusted to them , have been to Spain. .

The statement by the General Secretariat of the OAS recalled that the audit was part of an agreement signed by the Bolivian state that made it binding, which is why it called for compliance with the agreement.

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Mayta considered the latest OAS communiqué to be “excess” and “interference” as the organization cannot “interfere in internal matters that are subject to our justice”.

In this regard, he announced that a lawsuit would be filed with the Permanent Council.


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