Mayors refuse to pay health salaries;  Minister denies this intention

The Bolivian Association of Municipalities (AMB) has heeded Ministerial Resolution 251 and indicated that the document delegated the payment of the salaries of the health workers in the first and second level hospitals to the mayors. For his part, Health Minister Jeyson Auza denies that this is intentional.

“Resolution 251 now states that the government says that from now on we will place the full economic burden on local government and, even further against the norm, it says that if a local government opposes it, we will do it makes an automatic debit, ”said Jhonny Torrez, Mayor of Tarija and President of the AMB.

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The mayors said the municipalities do not have the necessary financial resources to cover the salaries of the health workers.

This morning the mayors and some representatives of the capital city and El Alto met in La Paz.

For his part, Auza called “liars” those who claim the government has delegated responsibility to the communities, claiming that the government portfolio will continue to be responsible for hiring first and second tier health workers.

“He’s a liar or a liar, which is what the ordinance says that local governments have the option to hire staff that depend directly on the municipality’s Ministry of Health to run health centers and facilities,” said Auza.

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“As the Ministry of Health and we clearly state, we will continue to recruit and we will continue to be responsible for the recruitment of first and second level personnel as stated in the standard. As the national government, we will continue to be responsible for the recruitment of the existing health workers, clearly, without a doubt, ”he added.


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