Mayor's office participated in 50 rain emergencies;  most relevant was the overflow of the Huayllani River

Between the 24th and the early morning of December 25th, workers and technical staff of the La Paz Mayor’s Office participated in at least 50 emergencies due to the recent rainfall, including the cleaning of drains, slope material and the most relevant case was the Huayllani River overflow in the southern zone, which led to two smaller street extractors, the official city news agency reported.

“Last night (Friday) we visited the Huayllani River, where moderate to heavy rain was registered, a heavy rain created these pulsating waves of the river,” said the director of risk prevention of the La Paz Mayor’s Office, Juan Pablo De La Fuente.

The alarm on the Huayllani River was reported at 11:30 p.m. and heavy machinery was immediately used to clean up the material blocking the section upstream of the bridge, the community official said. He added that by 6 a.m., they were lifting four cubic meters of stones and mud, which was dispersed by the force of the pulsating waves.

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De La Fuente assured that the natural event was mitigated by the previous cleaning in the area of ​​the Huayllani river plaza, where the Achumani river converges.

For that day there are brigades of workers who monitor the rivers of the south and also repair two smaller siphons caused by the erosion of the river canal’s infrastructure. De La Fuente assured that the two breakdowns are marked with signs to avoid car traffic.

The director of natural hazards explained that pulsating waves form in the Huayllani River because the bottom of the canal does not have any hewn stone slabs or other material to soften the blow on the current. He announced that the La Paz municipality is administering 87 million Bolivians to repair various canals and tributary vaults.

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Another case dealt with that Friday night was the Jake Jake River in the Wilakota area of ​​South Macro District, which has heavy machinery to control a possible spill. In addition, the social demand was resolved, said the director of risk prevention.

The remaining emergencies were related to cleaning drains, gutters, and material fallen from the slope. De La Fuente urged the population not to throw debris or materials, especially when the community was called on Orange Alert due to the early rainy season, which was stronger than in previous years.


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