Mayor's office evacuates 14 families due to risk of collapse in Cotahuma

At least 14 families were evicted from their homes in the Villa Las Nieves neighborhood of Cotahuma that Wednesday afternoon. Due to the risk of falling from an unauthorized construction that has moved the land, La Paz Mayor’s Office is currently conducting containment and prevention work in the area, but the six houses are being demolished because they are cracked.

“The cause is the movement of the earth that was paralyzed before, but today it was reactivated and that caused this problem, they don’t have a permit, they have been notified; it was paralyzed,” reported Cotahuma Macro District Deputy Mayor Fausto Terrazas.

Employees of the mayor and the city secretary for comprehensive risk management (SMGIR) helped with the removal of belongings and furniture of those affected. In Av. In Buenos Aires, cots, mattresses, bedside tables, pots, and other items were arranged so that their owners could take them to live with relatives and other close friends.

According to the La Paz Municipality, the firefighters carried out surveillance and surveillance of the upper part of the slope to see if there were more people in the houses. In addition, dump trucks arrived at the site to help with preventive measures.

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“There are six houses compromised, there is a seventh one that we want to see the problem of going backwards, we did not find the door, but these six houses have been classified as endangered,” said the head of the SMGIR, Germán. Quisbert.

He said the land movement was detected at 2:00 p.m. and two hours later families began leaving their homes in the area one block from the yellow line cable car station.

“Everything slips, it moves and it cracks. It is not solid ground,” said one of those affected, who announced that he would bring his belongings to the Llojeta area.

Terrazas and Quisbert agreed that the use of a passive wedge would reinforce the terrain so that it would not give way from above.

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“What we’re doing is preventing it by propping up a passive wedge with the same material made of earth and stone. Heavy machinery is coming, but only to prevent a possible collapse,” Quisbert said, in order to ratify that in time six houses are being torn down through the cracks they have.

The cracks inside the houses are in the ceilings and walls where the stucco has fallen, there is even a two-story infrastructure that has a support strut on the outside so that it does not fall onto the avenue.

The plot of land on which the unauthorized construction was reactivated is in the middle of two houses. It is a slope of the earth that has gaps due to excavations. “The owner, to the best of my knowledge that she has undertaken to make good any damage, is not authorized to perform this earthmoving work,” added Terrazas.


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