Mayors of the capitals are calling for a meeting with Arce to help fund Law 1407

The mayors of the capitals and El Alto asked President Luis Arce to meet to explain where the $ 33.197 million in Law 1407 of the Social and Economic Development Plan 2021-2025 came from and whether it affected the autonomies and theirs Powers affects.

The Mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, announced that a letter signed by Mayor Tarija, Johnny Torres, will be sent to the President to express the views of the meeting of the most populous communities in Bolivia.

“From the majority of mayors present at the meeting, we have agreed on one aspect, the urgency of meeting the President (Luis Arce) to express our doubts about the financing of the plan, where will the funds come from ? And if the municipal coffers are touched to fund the plan, “he said.

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Representatives of the Federation of Local Authorities of Bolivia (FAM-Bolivia) met with government agencies, with whom they signed an agreement that allows them to oversee the implementation of the Economic and Social Development Plan 2021-2025.

Arias reiterated that more than the municipalities of the capitals concentrate 75% of the Bolivian population and that President Arce must take into account that those who ask him for dialogue can dispel doubts about Law 1407 and the possible impact on the autonomies.


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