Mayors of La Paz and El Alto will not apply restriction measures due to the coronavirus

La Paz Mayor Iván Arias and El Alto Mayor Eva Copa announced that they will not take restrictive measures in their cities yet to prevent the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the case of the city of El Alto, its mayor argued that it would affect the economy of its residents.

Arias mentioned that according to a report by RTP, there are “no plans to apply restrictive measures” to coronavirus cases.

For its part, Copa insisted that it would not take restrictive measures against the population as people “live off the informal economy” and said that closing borders, as some countries in the region have already done, “closing the economy” Bolivia.

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“We cannot restrict people because we live from informal trade,” said the mayor of the city of Alteña.

He added that failing to enforce the restrictions does not mean they will stop the controls and use “tracking crews” to check that the caseritas are using the chin straps and that they are properly spaced. “We drive out with the spray trolley to be able to carry out the appropriate fumigation at trade fairs and markets,” added the mayor of Altea.

Regarding the border closure, Copa assured that such a decision would adversely affect the country’s economy, but agreed that the measure to review immigrants’ vaccination certificates and implement them would be isolated for seven days.

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On Thursday, Health Minister Jeyson Auza ruled out closing the country’s borders, but mentioned that the decision of some countries in the region, inevitably Bolivia, had already been concluded because “as a Mediterranean country, it has also closed”. Limits. “.

Likewise, the mayor of El Alto said that work would be coordinated with social organizations in this city to prevent an increase in infections. He called on citizens to visit the vaccination centers.


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