Mayor of Sucre announces compulsory vaccination card for commercial activities

Sucre Mayor Enrique Leaño announced that as a measure to combat the pandemic, it is imperative that all those responsible for commercial activities show their anticovid vaccination card as they are involved in the delivery of products and goods.

“A vaccination card is required for all commercial activities in order to be able to work. Anyone who has a liquor store, who has a restaurant, who has a stall in the markets, has to have his vaccination card, because these people manipulate objects that later end up in the hands of other people, be it food, fruit, goods, so many things ” said Leaño, reported the journalist Iván Ramos from the Erbol network.

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The city council argued that coercive measures should not be taken for refusing to vaccinate, but because they could carry and spread the virus.

He welcomed the initiatives of companies to set vaccination incentives, but made it clear that this possibility should be sufficient, which he regarded as a “blessing”.

San Francisco Xavier University Rector Sergio Padilla announced that the academic institution will join the initiative to apply for vaccination certificates in its internal procedures.


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