Arias suggests that the government set up a

The Mayor of La Paz City, Iván Arias, indicated that he would fuel the debate on the medicinal use of cannabis in the government in 2022. Interest arises after the State Medicines Agency (Agemed) approves its use in a minor with cerebral palsy.

“I think La Paz has opened the door to be the first city to do this process. The medicinal uses (of cannabis) should be discussed, we will encourage this,” Arias told Fides.

Recreational use of cannabis is illegal in most countries around the world, but its medicinal use is legal in some countries. In Latin America, at least eight countries have approved marijuana for medical purposes, and only two, Uruguay and Mexico, have legalized its use for recreational purposes.

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In November, Agemed announced that it had approved a girl in need of treatment for cerebral palsy and severe disability to use cannabis oil in an “exceptional and exclusive” manner for three months.


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