Arias says that Camacho is received with respect in La Paz and regrets that

The public prosecutor again called on the mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, to testify as a defendant. On this occasion, the process has been dragging on for five years, so it corresponds to the previous municipal management.

The subpoena was issued by Prosecutor Magaly Busdamente to testify as a witness that Thursday, October 14th. The mayor appears as a defendant for the alleged commission of the crime of defensive disobedience and unconstitutionality.

Mayor’s Legal Director José Gonzales said the defensive disobedience complaint was in line with a 2016 ruling, during the previous tenure when Arias was not mayor.

This sentence, presumably not fulfilled, relates to a working procedure for the reinstatement of workers.

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The legal director said the subpoena came as a surprise and was surprised it was issued after Arias announced his support for the strike on Monday.

Arias considered the subpoena to be part of a “political package of persecution”. He had previously been summoned to complain about events that occurred during his time as Minister of Public Works.

Gonzales announced that the Mayor’s Office legal team will accompany Arias as it is a process that the institution is involved in.

The mayor said that there was harassment from “all sides” because of the action taken against him by the Attorney General and the Justice Department.

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