“I am not a servant and amarrahuatos of any political party because I am an official who respects my institution.” The police lieutenant and boxer Franklin “Matador” Mamani gave his testimony in a subsequent disciplinary procedure on charges of proselytizing.

The said disciplinary proceedings were initiated ex officio by the police prosecutor based on photos of Mamani and Luis Fernando Camacho in the 2019 conflicts. The lieutenant had previously made it clear that he had been commissioned to protect citizenship at the time.

In this case, he is being investigated for allegedly “publicly displaying his political militancy by proselytizing in the units during active service; this circumstance is exacerbated when he wears uniform or exercises command”, which is classified as a serious deficiency under Law 101.

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In his testimony in this case, he asked why he was being accused of proselytizing, since he had never participated in it or expressed an opinion.

“I respect the constitution,” Mamani said in good time to point out that according to the document that Erbol accessed, he is not subordinate to any party.

In his statement, the athlete and the police announced that they will bring forward the respective allegations that the citizen has been given safety. He added that as a professional boxer, he has photos with all sorts of people.

“I make it known that as an athlete, professional boxer, I have photos with all kinds of people, politicians, artists, singers, etc. And I have never denied that I photographed anyone,” said the boxer.

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Mamani is also threatened with criminal proceedings, which the events in the southern zone of 2019 are accused of complicity. In this case, you have already submitted your declaration. He argued that he was not at the scene of the events and that he had the relevant disclaimers.


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